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Propolis resin, in its pure form, is comprised of hundreds of botanical compounds now identified by modern science. Together, these form a complex chemical matrix that combine to produce its unique medicinal qualities.

Propolis taken from a beehive will have varying quantities of pure propolis resin present amongst other hive material such as wax etc. The percentage Yield of pure propolis "Solids" present in any batch will therefore always vary from hive to hive, and requires laboratory testing to accurately measure the percentage of pure propolis resin Solids present.

We carry out this testing, from which the supplying beekeeper is paid. To do this we use procedures based on established science and well proven methodology.

Accurate propolis testing requires experience and very careful attention to detail in order to identify true Yield and thus ensure that the financial return to our valued beekeeper suppliers is fully maximised. Our in-house laboratory and associated raw material testing procedures are designed to accurately determine true percentage yield and purity on supplied propolis. In this, we have a solid reputation for sound management, integrity and care established over many years. In fact, we have been quietly at the forefront of the management and carrying out of Solids testing for propolis for the majority of New Zealand beekeepers and private companies involved with this product for well over a decade.

Ongoing production data inputs enable us to cross-check and revalidate the accuracy of our original raw material test results. This provides very important assurances to our beekeeper suppliers on the integrity of our regular test procedures and the accuracy of test results, both being critical factors in ensuring beekeepers receive due full payment for their supplied propolis material. Importantly, our test procedures have been confirmed by New Zealand's leading independent accredited laboratory as being to best standard.

Our vast industry experience and understanding of this complex product is the foundation of our commitment to New Zealand’s beekeepers in the trusted testing of their raw material.

we use procedures based on established science and well proven methodology

we use procedures based on established science and well proven methodology

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