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Propolis is a valuable hive product and New Zealand-derived propolis has some unique characteristics that differentiate it from propolis produced in other countries. We purify propolis harvested from New Zealand beehives by reverting the product to its original pure botanical structure and characteristics through the use of modern organic chemistry and a range of technical and analytical procedures. Then we sell it, in various forms, mainly to natural health companies and marketers of complementary medicines.

We source raw propolis material directly from beekeepers throughout New Zealand, test it, process it, and transform it either into bulk liquids or - via trusted downstream quality subcontracting companies - into a range of market-ready natural health products destined for consumers most particularly across the greater Asia area.

We extract raw propolis material using selective food-grade solvents and appropriate extraction technologies in order to attain the therapeutically desired portions and eliminate inert content. From there, we produce base tinctures and extracts in industrial-scale for a wide variety of finished products on behalf of our customer companies. These processes are complex, and very industry specific.

In addition to buying bulk raw material from beekeepers we also provide contract or toll processing of propolis for some of New Zealand’s best natural health companies. We're proud to say that we have a track record of trust and dependency in this role which is unsurpassed, anywhere.

Our contract processing customers rely on our expertise and strong industry reputation to transform their supplied raw propolis into quality products for their own established branded markets throughout the world. Their trust in our sound management of this unique specialized resource is further confirmation that no other company in Australasia has the depth of combined personal experience with the processing of this product than we do.

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